Lets do more with 3D Models

From CAD to VR in less than 5 minutes

For CAD users, VR presents a revolutionary way to showcase creative designs in an interactive and immersive fashion, transforming the business and work landscape. Whether you’re an individual, part of a team, or engaging with clients, VR brings you closer than ever to your designs, enhancing decision-making with accuracy and imagination.

VR Studio simplifies the VR experience for CAD users, offering a user-friendly, no-code platform that’s easy to learn. Within just 5 minutes, you can have your model in a VR environment, compatible with Oculus, Pico, phones, and computers. Best of all, VR Studio is free to use, providing the full capability to create a fully designed VR experience.

To kickstart your VR journey, follow three simple steps:

1- Import Your CAD File into VR Studio:

After downloading VR Studio on your PC or MAC, seamlessly import your 3D files into the program, supporting over 30 file types. Here is a list of supported file formats

2-Enhance your design with interactivity

Choose from a library of over 20 pre-built environments or import your own. Enhance your design with interactivity, including product variations, animations, labels, special effects, sounds, presentations, videos, annotations, and more. Here are some examples of features you can apply quickly to your designs starting from 5 minutes. 

  • Grabbable Sequences: Allows users to rotate and resize CAD models for a better visual understanding in VR.
  • Scene States: Visualize 3D models with different material and color variations through interactive panel buttons.
  • Product Animation: Bring CAD models to life by creating animations for moving parts.
  • Text: Easily add text to explain different parts of your design.
  • CAD Attributes: Showcase material, object names, and  BIM information in your VR experience.
  • Add Multimedia: Incorporate PDFs, videos, or PowerPoint presentations to enhance your product showcases.
  • Clippable Plane: Reveal the internal anatomy of your models by sliding a plane across them.
  • Material Library: Access a rich library of materials to change the appearance of your 3D CAD models.

3-View and Share your VR Experience

Easily upload your VR experiences to the cloud, allowing others to access them from their PCs, phones, or VR glasses. VR Viewer is the software that allows you to play, share and invite people to the VR experiences designed on VR Studio.

Local viewing options are also available by viewing on computers or through a PC connected VR Headset

For better visualization, Experience the integration of SimLab with Oculus Quest or PICO headsets. By pairing with your SimLab account, you can seamlessly access and play VR content on these headsets, providing an immersive, untethered experience. Users can view, share, and collaborate on VR creations through the headset, enhancing accessibility and collaborative potential.

Lastly, join our Discord community to connect with fellow CAD creators, ask questions, and share insights. This collaborative space is tailored for learning and networking. Engage with the community, enhance your skills, and contribute to the growth of VR content creators. We look forward to welcoming you there!

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