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Mechanical Rendering (Adams)

When you are looking for higher production quality without direct interactivity. You can access Simlab Composer to import your Adams 3D files and begin your animation rendering.

The powers of Simlab rendering extends from its very high speed and flexible integration. Leading to photo-realistic videos and images.

The main three elements in rendering mechanical products are:

  • HDRI & Lighting
  • Materials and Environment
  • Camera & Animation Story

HDRI files are the essence of the scene lighting. And each scene would need a certain HDRI image to polish your render. These files are not hard to find anymore, you can find many free websites like –hdrihavenhdrlabs– and navigate through galleries to download.

If you need help in understanding the power of HDRI and the criteria of their selection, check out this blog.

Materials can be also tricky but the more you understand real-life materials, the more you are able to produce them virtually.

In addition to that, achieving the case above is very simple. All materials are set to metal; with little difference in roughness values. An HDRI with morning light in the snow was selected highlighting the whole product and giving a sense of clean shiny metal to it. You can download the Simfile to understand how easy it is.

Besides, rendering can require a lot of practice in order to get to a satisfying level, so in case you want an advanced tutorial for mechanical rendering using Simlab Composer, check out this link.

Mechanical rendering is reaching great stages when integrating Adams with Simlab Composer. More about VR with Adams here.

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