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Comparison of SimLab VR Studio Free and Pro Editions

The SimLab VR Studio Free edition is a fully functional version of SimLab VR Studio that never expires. It’s tailored for learning and personal projects. However, there’s a Pro version with extra features. One key difference is in cloud storage: the Free edition allows up to 3 model uploads for a year, while the Pro version raises this limit to 10. This is handy for those managing multiple projects or needing more space.

Projects made with the Free edition carry a watermark, indicating their Free edition origin. The Pro version eliminates this watermark, making it preferable for pro or commercial projects. It’s worth noting that files saved in the Free edition can’t be transferred to the Pro edition, so starting a commercial project without a watermark demands beginning in the Pro edition.

The Pro edition offers advanced features like dynamic training building, physics simulation, climbing, and mixed reality (MR). For VR exploration or educational institutions aiming to create content or teach VR skills, the free edition is a solid starting point. The Pro version is better suited for commercial use. You can get the free version here.

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