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Comparison of SimLab VR Studio Free and Pro Editions

The SimLab VR Studio Free edition is a fully functional version of SimLab VR Studio that does not expire. It is designed for learning purposes and personal projects.

However, there is a Pro version available that offers additional features and benefits. One of the main differences between the Free and Pro editions is the cloud storage capacity. The Free edition allows users to upload up to 3 models to the cloud, whereas the Pro version increases this limit to 10 models. This can be useful for users who work with multiple projects or require more storage space.

Another advantage of the Pro version is the ability to invite up to 4 users for collaboration sessions. In the Free edition, any VR experiences created will have a watermark indicating that they were made using the Free edition.

This watermark is not present in the Pro edition, making it more suitable for professional use or commercial projects where a watermark-free output is desired.

It’s important to note that files saved with the Free edition can only be opened and used within the Free edition itself. They cannot be imported into the Pro edition. Therefore, if you plan to work on a commercial project without a watermark, it is crucial to start the project in the Pro edition from the beginning.

The free version can be downloaded from here.

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