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VR Vocational Training

Introduction to using VR in vocational training

Vocational training is extremally important in providing communities with useful and employable workforce. VR based vocational training is a new tool capable of improving and accelerating the vocational training process.

VR based training allows putting all the tools in the hands of trainees , and gives trainees the option to train safely even for complex and dangerous situations. It gives each trainee the option to maser the needed skills on her/his own schedule.

Imagine a simple to use VR experience creation tool, allowing teachers and engineers to create VR based vocational training, based on standard 3D models including SolidWorks, SketchUp, Rhino, FBX, STEP, and many others. with easy to use visual tools like training builder to describe the logic for the vocational training (for example if the user moved 5 screws, the attached part becomes movable from its location). Add to that the ability of adding videos, and using sounds for creating realistic vocational experience for trainee.

This tool already exists, and it is named SimLab VR Studio , in addition to all those tools, it allows the creation of Quizzes, Surveys, and to measure time needed to complete vocational training tasks.

SimLab VR Studio provides training creator with ready to use environments and VR vocational lessons, ready to be run immediately, or modified to create new training lessons.

Free version of SimLab VR Studio can make students not only trainees, but also VR experience authors, ready to share what they learned with others.

VR Vocational training was greatly simplifies by VR Studio, start utilizing VR in Vocational training today, get free SimLab VR studio from the following page

VR Studio was created to be #1 VR authoring tool for VR based vocational training

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