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VR Studio Tutorial Series: Learn How To Create VR Experiences Without Coding

Learning VR creation is now easier than ever with our no-code VR creation software, VR Studio. Designed to simplify the process, VR Studio enables anyone to enter the world of VR experience creation and begin designing immersive experiences within days. No coding or design experience is required to bring your ideas to life. Our software empowers subject matter experts in any field to utilize VR for captivatingly presenting their ideas to their audience.

This mini-tutorial aims to provide you with the basics of VR creation. By the end, you will have gained all the essential skills to embark on the right path in VR creation.

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Part 1 : VR Studio Basics

  • Navigating through VR Studio
  • Transforming objects and changing their properties in the VR Scene
  • Importing objects into your scene
  • Changing/choosing materials 
  • Adjusting your scene’s lighting
  • Viewing/testing VR experiences

Click here to download the Environment

Click here to download the Toy Car Model

Part 2 : Simple Interactions

  • Creating scene states
  • Intro to the training builder (event & response visual builder)
  • Creating simple interaction in the training builder
  • Creating simple animations and sequences 
  • Adjusting pivot points
  • Creating grabbable sequences

Click here to download the Scene

Part 3 : Media Embedding and text

  • Adding camera views  and playing surveillance videos in the VR scene
  • Adding and playing videos in your VR Experience
  • Incorporating text into your VR Experience 

Click here to download the Scene

Click here to download the Video File

 Part 4 : Assembly

  • How to assemble  and disassemble objects in VR in a certain order 
  • Making grabbable objects
  • Interaction of various object with one another in the VR Experience 
  • Creating and changing variables according to user interactions in VR 

Click here to download the Scene

Part 5 : Sharing and Collaboration

  • Optimizing VR Experience to increase performance 
  • How to package your VR file
  • How to upload and share your VR experience
  • How to start and run a Collaborative VR session

Click here to download the Scene

Click here to download the Thumbnail Image

Further Resources

Thank you for embarking on this learning journey. However, this is just the beginning. VR Studio offers a range of additional resources, such as our SimLab academy, which provides more tutorials and examples.

To further enrich your VR learning experience, we invite you to join our vibrant online community of VR creators on Discord. There, you can ask questions, receive feedback, and find support from fellow enthusiasts.

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