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Creating a 360 Video

Introduction to 360 videos, what they are, why to use, and how to create them.

What is 360 Video?

Did you see a 360 Image or Panorma image? The one you rotate using mouse or phone to view all sides, as you were inside the image?

360 Video is what you get if you create a video out of 360 images, you can view the video as any other one, but you will be missing the fun of moving your head and capture any side of the scene, you can view 360 video many times and focus on different things each time.

You can upload 360 videos to YouTube, Facebook, or view them with default Windows video viewer.

Sample 360 Video create using SimLab Composer

What are 360 Videos useful for?

360 Videos are real fun and joy to use, they also are the best option for some scenarios like:

1- Communicating VR like experience for user without a powerful machine, 360 video gives great balance, it gives VR like view from inside, without the calculations needed for complex 3D scenes.

2- They are easier to start with, unlike VR, the user does not need to learn how to interact with the scene, all what the user needs to know is how to spin view to get the full experience.

3- Improve 360 image experience, while 360 images are nice, with videos you can add animation to the space you are viewing instead of having a single view.

How to create a 360 Video?

1- Import your 3D model
2- Setup materials
3- Add 360 Camera to the scene
4- Create your animation, you can animate the camera and/or the scene
5- Render the 360 Animation (Click 360 Video, under Multiple frames in the 360 Menu)

Now you have 360 images for the animation, next we need to create the video

Use the video maker to create the video, do not forget to click the option Make 360 video.

Now you have your 360 Mp4 video ready, go and post it on Facebook, YouTube or share it as Mp4 with others.

Note: Make sure you select appropriate image size for 360 images (usually Width to Height should be 2 to 1)

Click here to learn more about creating 360 images.

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