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Catalogs and Sharing

In addition to sharing your models with other users or other owned VR/AR platforms, uploading to the cloud can help you access your 3D data and run it on any compatible device directly. Though, for further ease in sharing, Simlab offers a nice option of creating catalogs and sharing them.

Follow the further step using the latest version of the Simlab VR Viewer.

Start with adding the models you need on your general “My Models” Tab
Once you finished with adding, Click the “Add Catalog” button.
You will get a window to give your Catalog a name, tags and other descriptive info.
You can see the icon of your Catalog on your “My Models” tab, Now select a model you want to add you your Catalog and click the “Edit” button highlighted in red.
From the edit window, you can click now on the “Add to Catalog” check.
From the list of catalogs that appear, select the Catalog you want to add your model to, in this case (Plants).
After you have added the models you need you can double-click on the catalog icon to access it in a new tab (highlighted in red)
Remember now that you can upload the multiple models in the catalog and share them as a whole element with other users or other VR/AR platforms

Upload your “.vrpackage” models and arrange them into catalogs to start sharing.

More about how to use Simlab Sharing here.

Download the VR viewer from here.

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